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Darzin incorporates comprehensive features for complaints registration and tracking:

  • Assignment of actions and tasks including responsibility and the due date

  • Automatic notifications via email or text message

  • Automatic email reminder or escalation notification if response time criteria are not met

  • Recording of the history of all interactions and corrective actions

  • Detailed analysis and reporting on issues raised in complaints

  • Mapping of geographical origin and issues raised in complaints

  • All open complaints are visible on the Darzin Dashboard.

Register a Grievance, assign tasks, responsibility and Confidentiality, establish response time and due date.

A grievance “complaint” can be linked to a stakeholder and/or a land parcel. Documents in any format can be attached to a grievance record. Assigning a Priority to the record triggers a pre-defined notification rule. A record can be assigned a confidentiality level to restrict access to some users only. The due dates and assignee can all be edited if required.


Ability to create Additional Fields to capture specific information
Your Grievance Management workflow can be created as Custom Fields, so the decision process at each step in assessing a Grievance is recorded.  There are no limits to the number of custom fields that can be created and they can either be shared across all operations or set up in a customised way for each “project” to allow for differences in grievance management procedures in each country.

Track full history of the Grievance 

Record the complainant details (the stakeholders and the associated property), the nature of the complaint, including the history of multiple corrective Tasks, responses and related Interactions, the final results and how this decision was communicated to the complainant.

Grievance Reporting

Darzin report function includes several standard grievance reports: weekly & monthly reports outlining key KPI's (number of grievances, type, open per region, closed, actions by the person/department, period open, overdue, actions open, new entries, etc.).
Also, Darzin reports on issues raised in complaints, map where the complaints come from, and issues raised in complaints to see the geographic distribution of grievances or issues, identify complaint trends, and monitor the satisfaction of the complainant and the organisation.
Reports can be set up to automatically be emailed on a defined schedule to nominated personnel – for example, a weekly report showing all open grievances can be scheduled for delivery at 9 am every Monday.


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