There is usually something missing in the way most community engagement or media teams manage how they monitor, analyse and report on media coverage for their project or organisation.

Many clients have media monitoring services where they get sent daily or weekly clips of media coverage of their project of organisation. This clipping file is  usually scanned by one or two people in the team, a few articles may be highlighted and circulated to the wider team, and then it is filed away....never to be (easily) accessed again. 

Recording those media clips (or at least the "important" ones) offers a number of advantages:

  • You can track media coverage by agency/journalist - easy to see exactly what each media outlet is writing/talking about and understand their key issues

  • You build up a profile of some of the influential journalists - great for engaging with them and getting them interested in your future media releases

  • Manage a list of media stakeholders - easy distribution lists and more

  • Analyse media content using your Classification Tree - qualitative analysis of media coverage is a huge gap in how most organisations manage their media coverage

  • Integrate media content with other feedback channels in your reports, or don't. Compare feedback from other Stakeholder Groups and see if it is consistent with the media coverage. Is the media coverage an accurate representation of the views in the community or are your stakeholders more interested in other issues?

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