It is strongly recommended that users always search the database first before adding new records to Darzin, particularly for Stakeholders and Properties to avoid duplication of records.

A Key Word search can be achieved by typing in the search field and, selecting the relevant type of record e.g. Stakeholder, Property, Interaction, Task, Complaint, GroupMail, Survey, Calendar Events.

If you require to search the data using more detailed filters, select the appropriate record type e.g. Stakeholder, Interaction etc and click ‘Show Filters’:

Note: you can use any combination of filters in your search. Using a combination of filters operates an AND boolean functionality - e.g. all stakeholders in a particular contact group AND selected postcode.

Stakeholder detail search
includes the ability to filter the data by Type e.g. Organisation/Individual Stakeholder, Surname, Organisation, Address, Created by, Create Date, Contact Groups and Custom Fields.

Property detail search includes the filters of Address, Tag, Region and Custom Fields.

Interaction detail search includes the filters of Zone, Method and Custom Fields.

Task detail search includes the Zone filter

Complaint detail search includes the filters of Zone, Method and Custom Fields.

Please note: if you are working in a 'multi-project' environment, within Search filters you can select the check box 'Include Data From Other Projects' to display records which have been shared to your project.

GroupMail detail search does not include filters as they are not applicable, but does allow date range search

Survey detail search does not include filters are they are not applicable but does allow Survey Status and date range search.

All records returned based on the search criteria can be exported to Excel using the 'Export' button displayed at the top of the search results table, next to the Title.

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