When adding a Stakeholder you need to select the appropriate Stakeholder Type:


Add New Individual
It is strongly recommended you search for a stakeholder first before adding a new record.
Searching by Surname will ensure all potential records are displayed for example: If you have just had a meeting with a new contact 'Will Smith', searching for Will Smith may return no records however searching by 'Smith' would include Bill Smith and/or William Smith, which could potentially be the same person.

Another recommended step is to use the CHECK DUPLICATES function to ensure a record has not been added since you completed the search.

Organisation (s) can be linked to the Individual by using the Search/Find Existing function, if the Organisation does not already exist in the database a new Organisation record can be created using the add new button to the right of the Organisation Heading.

Contact Details and Postal Address details added at the Individual level are intended to be specific to the person. If the postal address is the Organisation address, it is recommended the address is recorded on the Organisation.
Multiple addresses/phone numbers can be added using the green plus icon. To delete any records click on the red cross icon. Use the gold star icon to indicate the primary address/contact number.

Contact Groups and Custom Fields are specific to your site configuration and, it is recommended all stakeholders should be assigned to an appropriate contact group/s and, applicable custom fields populated for effective reporting.
Remember, multiple Contact Groups can be assigned to a stakeholder and it is recommended you select the lowest branch of the contact group category, as this enables reporting at the lowest level as well as the top level of the category.

Where applicable, you can link or add a new property using the Property section to find existing or add.

Relationships to other Stakeholders can be managed using the Linked Stakeholder section, the nature of the relationship can also be defined i.e. Sister, 

The 'About' feature is intended to record 'useful points' which can facilitate understanding of the stakeholder for all users i.e. Who manages the relationship internally or, highlight an interest e.g. James is an advocate of clean energy. Please note: if you select the gold star icon, the about field will pop up each time the stakeholder record is opened.

To save the new stakeholder record there are two options: ‘Save’ button will save the record and allow you to continue to edit. If you select ‘Save and Open Record’ the standard stakeholder view screen will be displayed.

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