Stakeholder View
There are a number of additional functions available on the Stakeholder View screen, which can be accessed using the icons on the top right-hand menu. 

Advanced Edit    
This option will display the full edit view of the stakeholder profile for you to make multiple changes if required.

This option is used to distinguish stakeholders who have asked to be removed from mailing lists. Stakeholders with this setting would automatically not be included in any GroupMail distribution lists.

This option should be used to mark stakeholders who are no longer relevant to the project as Inactive, this means they will not be available to be linked to future interactions. However, by marking them as Inactive as opposed to deleting the record, you will retain the history of this person and their involvement. It is strongly recommended records are marked as inactive as opposed to deleted if there is activity on the profile (i.e. emails/meeting records etc.).

This option allows the user to make a copy of an existing stakeholder record and will prompt the user to change some detail to be able to save the record. This feature is useful if you are adding multiple people from the same organisation as it reduces the requirement for you to add the Organisation, Contact Group(s) etc which are consistent for all individuals linked to the company.

The delete option is only available to users who have this function associated to their role. If the icon is displayed then the user can delete the record.

Return to last search results    
This feature enables you to return to the last search result and save time if your original search criteria was completed for you to review a number of records.

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