Use the stakeholder search to find the person or organisation and, click on the preview to open the stakeholder record.

Stakeholder View

The stakeholder view includes all interactions with the stakeholder, additional tabs are available on the screen to see Complaints and Tasks. To run a report on the activities click on the report icon next to 'Task' in the main window.

Stakeholder Reports
Use the date range filter to define the reporting period required. Please note : the default is 3 months.

R21 Stakeholder report provides a snapshot of all activities (Interactions, Complaints) together with key information about the Stakeholder including Contact Groups, Custom Fields and About notes.

R24 Stakeholder Issue report provides a summary of the Issues raised (classified text) by this stakeholder for the reporting period.

Chart Classification/communication methods for this stakeholder provides a count of the issues raised by the stakeholder together with the communication method. As well as summarizing the in a table the report also includes a bar chart display

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