Interactions can be created from the following functions in Darzin:

  1. 'Add New' Menu: Communication

  2. From existing Stakeholder: Interaction/Add Interaction

  3. From existing Property: Interaction/Add Interaction

  4. From existing Complaint: Interaction/Add Interaction

  5. From existing Task: Interaction/Add Interaction

When adding an interaction, the Subject and Method are required fields.
The Method field is a configurable list which is maintained in the Admin Menu/Lookup Fields: Communication Method. As such if you need additional options to track specific engagement activities e.g. Community Meeting, you can request this is added by your Darzin Administrator.

The Direction field will default to IN, remember to set it to OUT if you are recording an outbound communication. Similarly, the Date and Time will default to the current date and time, each can be amended to reflect the date and time of the interaction if you are adding the data at a later date.

Enter the content of the email / meeting in the message box.

Use the find existing search* field to link stakeholders to the interaction, or add new stakeholder(s) if applicable.

Use the find existing search* field to link stakeholders to the interaction, or add new stakeholder(s) if applicable.

*Remember, if you add the interaction from an existing Stakeholder or Property record, the Stakeholder and/or Property will be automatically added to the interaction.

If Zones are configured for your site, use the green plus to display the Zone selection and click on the drop down list to select the appropriate Zone.

Custom Fields
Custom fields are configured via the Admin function. If Interaction Custom fields have been configured for your site they will be displayed on the add new Interaction view. It is recommended you maintain custom fields if applicable to the content you are adding.

If the site is a 'multi project' environment you can use the Share function to indicate which projects this interaction is relevant to. Once shared the interaction record can be viewed by users from the selected project (s).

Use 'Save and Open Record' to view the interaction record and access the Classification Tree to classify the interaction content.

The standard Interaction View displays the required fields in the top left hand corner : Date, Subject, Method and includes the ‘Linked’ records (Stakeholder/Property/Zone/Custom Fields) on the left-hand side.

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