Users with the appropriate permission can access the Admin Functions to create new users.

User & Role Management

User Management
The user management function is where you can create new user details including login name and password.

When creating a user profile in Darzin you also need to assign  a role which will control what they can do in Darzin. 

There are 3 default roles defined in Darzin:

Domain Administrator: Allows full access including Read/Write/Delete throughout the system and, access to the admin settings. It is recommended this access role is limited to key staff who will be responsible for the initial configuration and/or on-going site maintenance.

Domain User: This role is intended for general users and provides full read/write/delete access to the site however, does not include access to the Admin menu.

Consultation Team Members: This role is intended to be used by third party staff who may need to be linked to records or assigned follow up tasks, but do not require access to the site.

Role Management

To create site specific roles, click on Role Management and select ‘+’.
To add a new role you must provide the Role Name and determine the appropriate access by checking the boxes.
For example: If you want to restrict delete function from general users then label the new role General User and check the Read & Write columns.
Once the role has been defined it is available for you to allocate to a User in the User Management Table.

Please note: to be able to define Confidential Access, you must first define the Confidential levels. Once confidential levels are defined you can determine within the role set up as to whether they have confidential access and, which level is applicable to the role using the pencil in the level column.

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