1. Create Message

The creation of SMS is an Administrator function. To set up a message :

a. Go to Admin
b. Click SMS under Mass Communications

c. Enter SMS Subject - please note: there is character limit of 200 characters
d. Enter SMS Message -  please note: there is character limit of 120 characters
e. Tick "Allow recipient to opt out", e.g: Opt out https://goo.gl/<xxxxxx>"  checkbox if you want SMS recipients to have an Unsubscribe option.

f. Click Save and Continue

2. Select SMS Recipients

a. Select a Contact Group or Groups from the Contact Groups list appearing on the left of screen by ticking the associated checkbox. Stakeholders belonging to that group will add to the Distribution list. You will notice that stakeholders without mobile numbers are highlighted in the grid.

b. Alternatively, enter the first or last name of stakeholder in Search Stakeholder field to select your required stakeholder

c. You must always check "Exclude stakeholders with no mobile numbers" checkbox. Your list will then be reduced to only stakeholders with mobile numbers.

d. Click Save and Continue

3. Send/Schedule SMS Message 

a. Choose "Send now" from Delivery Options and click "Send SMS" OR
b. Choose "Schedule delivery at" from Delivery Options. Set preferred Date/Time and click "Send SMS"


SMS Troubleshooting

  1. Why can't I move from the SMS Distribution page?
    You will not be able to complete the SMS process until the records with missing mobile details have been updated. There is a checkbox to automatically exclude stakeholders with no mobile number. Alternatively you can update the stakeholders mobile number in the contact details of stakeholder edit.

  2. Why aren't all the stakeholders from my contact group that have a mobile number appearing in the Distribution List?
    Stakeholders who are marked as Inactive or Unsubscribe will not appear in the list or receive SMS messages.

  3. Why is the timestamp on my SMS different to when I scheduled it?
    Sending SMS messages is managed via a batch process. The timestamp on your SMS record will be the time that the batch process selects your request and begins to process it.
    The timestamp on each individual stakeholder SMS record may vary as well for the same reason. 

  4. How do I know when the SMS messages have been sent?
    An email summary of the SMS is sent to the user who created the SMS record, once the batch process is complete. Therefore, it is advised that you ensure your email address is always up to date in Darzin.

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