Access to the Classification Tree is from the Admin Menu / Filters and Rules Section. Select Classification Tree and use the function menu at the top right hand of the screen to add new or modify the existing Classification Tree. Note: if you are in a multi-project environment you can switch the view from All Projects to This Project to ensure you only see the values which are relevant to the current logged in project.

Click the green + to add a new classification. If you wish the new classification to be a sub category of an existing Classification, set the existing Classification as the Parent Category. If you are in a multi-project environment and intend for this classification to be available to any new projects in future, click on the 'Share to new project' option, if the classification is not to be used in other new projects then leave this blank.

Use the pencil Icon to edit existing Classification Labels.

Existing Classifications which have an ‘x’ beside them have not been used and can be deleted. If you wish to delete a classification which does not have an ‘x’, you must first find all existing data which has been classified with this value and update them to a new value before you will be able to delete it.

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