Darzin gives you several ways to add new stakeholder records. Let's start with the 'Add New' menu. 

  1. From the left navigation menu choose the Add (+) button > under Stakeholder, select to add Individual or an Organisation. 

  2. Work down the page adding the details in the new record. 

  3. Click "Save" and the new stakeholder will be added to the database. 

Search the database or use the Check Duplicates function to avoid double ups.
New Organisations can be added directly from the Add New Individual page and vice versa.
First Name is a system required field to create a new stakeholder record.

The following pages also provide the option to add new stakeholder records:

  1. From an Interaction page

  2. From an existing Stakeholder (Individual/Organisation) record.

  3. From a Property.

  4. From a Complaint.

  5. From a Task.

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