Duplicate records can be created when users don't use the "Check Duplicates" button when adding a new stakeholder, or perhaps there is a spelling error in the name. No matter how they have been created, it is easy to remove a duplicate without losing valuable contact data and interactions. Administrators can use the Merge Stakeholders function under Data Maintenance in Admin.

If you know the Stakeholder IDs of the 2 records, then simply enter each of them here and click Merge.

Note that merging stakeholders will combine all the information from the two stakeholders into one record—for example, contact details, contact groups, interactions, etc. If Stakeholder 'B' already has those contact details, duplicates will not be created. If Stakeholder 'A' has different answers selected in Custom Fields, these answers will not replace what is in Stakeholder 'B'. Stakeholder 'B' custom field data will be retained.

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