When planning your project it is likely you will understand the broader categories of who you need to consult, for example: Local Residents, Government (Local/State/Federal), Businesses, Interest Groups etc. 

By defining the categories as Contact Groups in Darzin you will be able to link stakeholders to the relevant group and track and report at category as well as the individual level.

When setting up a Contact Group structure, you can define Parent & Sub group levels adding further refinement to your reporting for example: Local Residents can be defined as the parent group with sub groups of 'Directly Affected', 'Indirectly Affected'. Reporting can then be at the sub group level as well as the parent.

Contact groups can also be used for targeting communication, for example sending an update to 'Directly Affected' residents of planned construction work. (You can use Darzin's Group Mail function to create the message content and select the appropriate audience using the Contact Group filter).

Contact Groups can also be used in Interactions to easily link a number of stakeholders to an interaction at one time. From the interaction, click on Stakeholder and select Link Stakeholder/Contact Group.

It is easy to link a stakeholder to a contact group, this can be done at both the Stakeholder record level or, via Admin menu/Contact Group.

The Contact group filter is available in the Stakeholder search and in several standard reports.

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