Status Values

The SMS message is still being prepared and the distribution list is not finalised. It may be edited.
The SMS message has been scheduled to be sent and is waiting to be processed.
Sending of the SMS messages has begun.
An SMS message has been sent to everyone on the distribution list.
Partially Completed
The SMS message has been sent to some of the distribution list but not everyone. A batch processing error has occurred.
No one on the distribution list has been sent the SMS. 

This page displays the status of the SMS for each individual stakeholder in the distribution group.

SMS message was successfully delivered to the stakeholder.

SMS message was not delivered to the stakeholder.

The SMS request for the stakeholder is waiting in the batch queue.

Editing Options


All users have access to view SMS records that have been actioned by the batch process. SMS details cannot be edited once they have been processed by the batch system. 

Edit and Delete

Only users with Administrator access can edit and delete SMS records. Only SMS records with a Draft or Pending status may be edited or deleted.
SMS records may be deleted using the delete icon located in the search results table 

or within the SMS function itself on each of its pages.

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