You can now open multiple records in separate tabs just by right-clicking on the icon for viewing or editing a record. When you right-click on the icon, you will get the option to open the record in a separate tab. Simple!

It is possible to edit several records at one time just by right clicking associated view (eye) icon. You can do this from the following screens:

  1. Search

  2. Individual Stakeholder

  3. Organisation Stakeholder

  4. Properties

  5. Interaction

  6. Complaint

  7. Task

When you hover your mouse over the icon, if the label says "View", it means you can navigate to the edit page of this entity. Simply right click on the icon and select to open in a new tab, new window or incognito window. Your selected entity will open accordingly.

When hover label for the icon is "Preview", it means you can only view a snapshot of this record because it is not shared to the project. Click the icon to view it in a popup.

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