All filters can be set up under the Admin menu (Admin> Filters and Rules). You need administrator access to configure the database settings.

The steps to set up all filters in Darzin are essentially the same. They apply to Contact Groups, Classification Tree, and Regions.

Similar to below.

Example – Add a new contact group

  1. Select Contact Groups from Admin> Filters and Rules 

  2. Click on the Add new icon on the top right 

4.  Enter group name and other details. Click on Save


Select a Parent Contact Group to indicate main – sub category. The main categories do not have parent contact group.

The All Projects section is only visible for clients with multiple projects – select the project you want to share the contact group structure with.

 5.  The newly added contact group is shown on the left panel. Continue with this process until all contact groups are added

To edit a contact group: 

  1. Click on the contact group on the left panel

  2. Click on Edit icon

3. Edit the contact group in the pop-up screen. Hit Save when you are done

You can also edit sub-groups of a contact group by clicking on the edit icon next to them. Ie., click on the edit icon next to Local Businesses to edit it.

To delete a contact group

 Same as edit, but click on the Delete icon on the top right.

Example - Import contact group list

  1. Click on Import icon on the top right 

  2. Download and save the template onto your computer

3. Fill out the template (example below). Save the excel file onto your computer

4. On the import contact group pop-up, click on Select files> select the file from your computer> click on Import

Note: If the contact group exists in Darzin, the default is set as “update”. You can choose to ignore the update, or create a new contact group with the same name. 

5. Import done

6. Close the import pop-up, refresh the contact group page  and you will see the imported contact groups on the left panel

Add New Custom Fields

  1. Select Custom Fields from Admin> Filters and Rules 

  2. Click on Add New icon

3. Enter the custom field name, select the data type this custom field applies, and so on. Click on “Save”

4. The custom field now shows under the Custom Fields list. You will also see it when you add a new stakeholder to Darzin.

5. To edit the field – click on the edit icon next to it. Same as delete.

Add Look up Fields

  1. Select Custom Fields from Admin> Filters and Rules 

  2. Click on a look up field type> click on the Add New icon

Enter the field name. Click on “Save”

The look up field is now added to the list and it will show under City dropdown list when you enter a stakeholder address or property address.

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