Access Roles

The administrator has ultimate access to Darzin including ability to change master settings and grant access for team members.

Not all users should have administrator access. Ideally you would have a very small number of administrators who are computer savvy and are frequent Darzin users.

  • Domain User – standard user access (read, write, delete, but no admin access). Heavy and medium users should have this access. Also note that these users can access all projects under your domain.

  • Project user – specific project user access so they can access a specific project not all projects in your account. For example you can create a role named “Project A access only” and assign this role to the consultants who work on this project.

Create a new user

The Darzin administrator at your organisation can create new users.

  1. Admin> User & Role Management

2. Click on Add New icon to add a user. Assign a role to the user by ticking the box next to the role name and click on Save. You can select more than one role.

3. User will receive an automatic email from Darzin with their login details

4. To edit a user – Click on the edit icon next to their name

5. Import bulk users – Click on “Import Users” and follow the steps provided in the pop-up window

6. To reset password for a user – Click on the edit icon next to their name. Click on “Reset Password”. Once “Save”, an email will be sent to the User notifying them of their new password.  A User can set their own password via the Client Rewards page.

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