Sharing Premise

  1. Stakeholders, Properties, Interactions, Tasks and Complaints can be shared across projects in Darzin, within a domain.

  2. A record is a single stakeholder, property, interaction, task or complaint. Record refers to that item on its own and not any other record it may be linked to. 

  3. A record also refers to values in Darzin filters namely a category in the classification tree, contact group, zone and region.

Sharing Records

The steps to share or unshare a record (stakeholder, proerty, interaction, task, or complaint) are essentially the same. Similar to below where we show an example of how to share and unshare a stakeholder record.

Share a Stakeholder Record

Common stakeholders can be shared across projects. This is handy when different business units deal with the same key stakeholders. The stakeholder record only needs to be created in one project and shared with other projects. When a user updates the stakeholder record all other users across the business benefit from the update in real time.

A stakeholder record can be shared with individual projects or across projects within a domain.

To share a stakeholder record:

  1. Open the stakeholder record 

  2. Under the Details tab, click on “Shared In Projects” – this will expand the view of this tab.

3. The project list is now available on the expanded view for you to select to share the existing stakeholder

4. Simply tick the box to select the project that you want to share the stakeholder records. The list of projects that the record is shared with appears on top.

5. Click Save on top right of the page once you are done.

6. Under the Shared In Project in the left panel, the project list that

Unshare a stakeholder record

  • Follow the steps 1- 3 above

  • Simply deselect the boxes under the Project List to unshare

  • Click on Save

  • Under the Shared In Project in the left panel, the unshared projects have been removed from the list.


If you are in the sub-owner project and try to unshare the record from the owner project, you will receive an error message. See example below. I tried to unshare the record from “New demonstration project” and because this project was the owner of the record I received the message saying I cannot unshare the record from this project.

Merge Shared Records

If you merge 2 records you will be advised: "This record is shared with other projects. Would you like these records merged for all projects?"  There are 2 buttons "Yes" and "Cancel".

If you click Yes, the merged record will reflect the updated data in all shared projects.

Delete Shared Records

If a record has been shared and an attempt to delete the record is made from either the owner project or the sub-owner project, the user will be advised:  "This record is owned by xxx project and shared with other projects. Would you like to delete it from all projects or unshare it from this project?" There are 3 buttons "Delete", "Unshare" and "Cancel".

  • If you click on “Delete” – the record will be deleted from all projects

  • If you click on “Unshare” – the record will no longer be visible from the project you are in. It will remain in other projects. If you are in the owner project when doing this then the ownership of the record will be shifted to the next project in the project list.  

Automatic Sharing of Existing Records When Adding a New Project

When a new project is added for your license, all the existing shared records are shared to the new project automatically. 

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