Darzin filters such as Contact Groups, Classification Tree, Zones and Regions can be shared across projects within a domain. This is to ensure there is some consistency in the way the data is captured and reported across the organisation. The sharing can happen at different levels:

  • Share the entire filter such as the contact group list / classification tree. This is a default setting, and it happens automatically when you add a new project to your domain.

  • Share parts of the filter (individual categories) that are relevant across the business while allowing for each team to have their own categories that are specific to their needs. This will need administrator's magic touch to make it happen.

Share a Category with Other Projects

An example of how to share the categories on the filters is below.

  1. Add new or Edit a filter category

  2. Tick the box next to the project you want to share the contact group name and structure with 

  3. Tick or untick Share to new project and Share to new project in selected project group as you see fit.

4. Unshare a filter category – unselect the projects that you want to unshare the filter category with, then click on Save. Note – If you are in the sub-owner project for the filter category you cannot unshare the category from the owner project. 

Merge a shared category

If you merge a shared category to another category you will be advised: "This record is shared with other projects. Would you like these records merged for all projects?"  There are 2 buttons "Yes" and "No".

If you click Yes, the merged record will reflect the updated data in all shared projects.

Delete a Shared Category

If a category is shared and an attempt to delete category is made from either the owner project or the sub-owner project, the user will be advised:  "This record is owned by xxx project and shared with other projects. Would you like to delete it from all projects or unshare it from this project?" There are 3 buttons "Delete", "Unshare" and "Cancel".

If you click on “Delete” – the category will be deleted from all projects

If you click on “Unshare” – the category will no longer be visible from the project you are in. It will remain in other projects.

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