Report Menu

  • To access the Reports, click on the Report tab on the main menu.

  • There are different groupings of reports on the menu bar


  • Click on a report name to run it

Run a Report

Reports can be generated at various levels in the system.

You can create reports within stakeholder, property, interaction, task, and complaint records. These reports are specific to the record itself.

The steps to generate reports are essentially the same. Similar to the example below 

Essential fields

They are located on top of the report

  • For the Date Range, enter your own date range using the date picker or select from the dropdown list

  • Direction: default as In and Out, you can select from the dropdown list if required

  • Top X Categories: Select from the dropdown

Report across all items in the filters

You don’t have to select anything. The default is if you select nothing, Darzin will select everything across all filters.

To use any filter

  • Expand the list to select the items you want to include in the report. Selecting nothing from the filter, Darzin will produce a report across all options in that filter list, as well as items that have not used that particular filter. 

  • For example, if you are reporting using the Contact Group filter, selecting nothing will give you data across all stakeholder groups. If you want to see only data that is linked to a contact group, then you would select that contact group under Contact Group filter and run that report, as shown below. 

  • If you want to see data filtered by a particular classification category, expand the Classification Tree and select the category on the tree

Notes: The Boolean search options (and/ or/ and not) are available on top of the filter to allow you to further slice-and -dice information.
The default setting is OR which would give you data for either/or categories selected. For example if you select Categories A, B and C in the filter list, the report will give you data that is Either A OR B OR C. This should be used for MOST of your reports
If you use the AND setting, it will give you only data that has been categorised to A AND B AND C.
If you select AND NOT, it will give you only the data that has not been categorised as A AND B AND C.

To select multiple options

To select multiple items from a list such as the Communication Method list, hold the Control key, then select the items. Do the same if you want to deselect any items.

Create report

Click on “Create Report” to run the report. The report will open up as a new tab on your internet browser.

If you don’t see the report opening in a new tab, make sure you unblock the pop-up for from your internet. Then click on “Create Report” again. See screenshot below

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