Watch the demo video on how to use the import tool or read on for the text guide

Follow the instructions here or watch the video at the end of this article to bulk import your stakeholders into Darzin using the Import Template.

  1. Navigate to the Admin menu > Stakeholder/Property. Stakeholder and/or Property data can be imported using this template.

  2. Download a copy of the template

  3. Follow the instruction on both the Import page and the tips in the template cells. Note: Do not change/edit/add to the columns and column labels. The only exception is when importing custom field data.

  4. Populate the template with your data and then save the file. Be sure to delete the examples in the template before importing.

  5. If you want to import Custom Field data for stakeholders it must first be set up in Darzin. Be sure to check the box in the Advanced Settings > Custom Fields page, and update the column labels in the import template.

  6. Review and select the Advanced Settings to define the Import rules e.g. to import new OR update records. 

  7. Select and Validate your file. You will see a green 'Success' message if the file is validated and ready for import. If there is a problem, an 'Error' message and list for any missing or incorrect data will be shown. Address the errors and save your file again before re-validating.

  8. Import your data by clicking the Import Data button. A green 'Success' message will display when successful and the import date and time will be logged into the Import Batch table at the bottom of the page.

Do not change the names or the order of the columns in the spreadsheet - this will prevent the import from being validated/imported. The only exception is when importing custom field data.
Make sure you choose the correct Stakeholder Type (Individual or Organisation) as this cannot be edited later.
Ensure you have 'unhidden' any columns in the template to allow for the validation process to be completed successfully.
Do a test import with a small amount of data to ensure it displays as expected.

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