To report across projects you must enter Darzin in All Projects mode. By default, only domain administrators, domain users have access to All Projects.

At the project selection page right after login (Login – select Domain – select Project): Instead of selecting a specific project, you select the All Projects option on the top right corner.

You are in the Read Only mode to run reports and view data only

Locate the Reports icon on the main menu, select the report that you want to run. Fill out the essential fields and select filters as you see fit. Follow the steps in How to Run a Report.

Expand the Project List to select the projects you want to include in the report. If you want to report across all projects you do not have to select any project. By default Darzin will select all projects.

To select multiple projects from the list, hold the Control key, then select the projects. Do the same if you want to deselect any projects.

Select Create Report.

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