Here a few tips to help you with importing Stakeholders:

1. Stakeholder type is a required field and will impact how the Stakeholder record is reported in Darzin. Please ensure  the field is populated and is the correct value for the Stakeholder i.e. Contact or Organisation.

2. Contact Groups can be added to a stakeholder via the import in Column V. You must ensure the Contact Group Naming convention matches exactly to the Contact Group label in Darzin, otherwise you will find a new contact group is created. For example, if you have a contact group 'Health & Safety' in Darzin, but your import spreadsheet includes a contact group of 'Health and Safety', you will find after the import that a new contact group of Health and Safety is created.

3. Multiple Contact Groups can be added to a stakeholder by using the pipe delimiter to separate the values. For example: If the stakeholder is a Health and Safety Officer for a local council the following contact groups are relevant: 'Health & Safety | Local Government'.

4. Custom Fields are limited in the import to 2 fields for Stakeholder and 2 fields for Property. If you need to import more than 2 custom Stakeholder fields, you will need to run a separate import. PLEASE NOTE: you cannot use the Property Custom fields (Column AM & Column AN) to import Stakeholder Custom fields.

5. Advanced Settings are useful when using the import to update existing stakeholder records,
For example: if you are using the import to update email contact details for existing stakeholders you would set Advanced Settings to check First Name + Last Name and Email, Then always: Ignore this record.
The import would then only update the stakeholder details from the import if they did not match the First Name + Last Name and Email in Darzin.

6. If your import includes Custom Fields you MUST ensure you have checked the box to indicate you want to import custom field data within Advanced Settings/Custom Fields.

7. Once you have completed the import spreadsheet, make sure you have 'unhidden' any columns before you validate the file in Darzin. Please Note: The import will fail if the template has been altered i.e. Columns hidden, Column Labels changed, Columns removed.

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