You can add a new Property from the following places:

 1.  From 'Add New' Menu: Property
 2. From an Interaction: Property
 3. From a Stakeholder: Add Property
 4. From a Complaint: Stakeholder/Add Stakeholder
 5. From a Task: Stakeholder/Add Stakeholder

1. Click the Add icon on the main menu
2. Select Property and a new property record will open
3. Enter the Property name, and address details. You can select address details from the drop down menus or continue typing to add a new value

4. Additional fields can be accessed by clicking the plus icon '+' located under the country field. These include:
a. Legal ID - ie Lot and Plan number
b. User ID – your GIS reference number
c. Latitude and longitude reference

Tags – an additional filter to aid property search. A Tag could be a characteristic of the property or different phases of land access/ purchase negotiation
Region – a geographic filter for properties that help you search and report e.g. mine area vs transport route.

5. Click “Save” or “Save and Open Record” to add the new Property to the database.

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