There are a number of reports available in Darzin which you can use for reporting on a Stakeholder. Which report you use is really dependent on the information required: Detailed or Summary, Including classified data, etc.  Below are some suggested reports for you to consider:

R21 Stakeholder Report - This report can be accessed from the Stakeholder record or from Category Reports within the Report Menu. The report includes all data relating to the stakeholder (including Custom Fields, Contact Groups, etc) together with a list of the interactions for the period specified:

R28 List Interactions - This report can be accessed via Category Reports in the Reports Menu. The report includes more filters including Classification Tree and the option to report by Communication Method. The report can include Stakeholder details if the 'Display Stakeholder Details' filter is checked however, the intention of this report is to be more Interaction focused:

R13 Summary of all activities (stakeholders added, interactions, tasks, etc). This report can be accessed via Summary Reports in the Reports Menu. The report provides a summary (totals) of activity with an option to filter by Stakeholder

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