To add a new stakeholder in the database including Contact Details, Links to other Stakeholders and Custom Fields, go to the Add New menu and select 'Individual' or 'Organisation'.
For both Individual and Organisation records 'First Name' is a mandatory field. Once you have entered the name it is strongly recommended you click on 'Check Duplicates' to be sure the stakeholder doesn't exist in Darzin. You can also link an Organisation to an Individual or link Individuals to an Organisation:

There are 3 standard Contact Details fields displayed when entering a Stakeholder: Email, Work Phone, Mobile Phone. If you need to add more contact details click on the '+' to add more fields. If you need to delete a field click on 'X'. Use the Star to indicate primary selection (i.e. Primary email address if the Stakeholder has more than one).

Enter postal address if relevant. Use the House icon to make this address a property record in Darzin. Use the Star to indicate the primary address:

Contact Groups - Select one or multiple contact groups to assign to the stakeholder. Always select the lowest branch of the contact group category as you can. This helps you search for data or run report at the lowest as well as the top level of the category.
Contact Group list is created by an Administrator in the Admin page.

Use “About” to create a message that will pop up first thing when you open the stakeholder (ie., James is an influential member of the Melbourne Muslim community) 

Add other relevant data in fields – properties, and relations. Similar to adding an Organisation
  a. Use the search icon  to search for and link to existing entries
  b. Use the Add button  to add new entries to link to the stakeholder 

Share – select relevant projects to share the stakeholder if applicable (*only for clients with multiple projects)

Fill out custom fields if required

Click on Save or Save and Open Record on top right when finished. When you “Save”, your landing page stays the same. When you “Save and Open (below), you are opening their record.

If you receive an Error message it could be that the data you have entered is not validated. The data field that needs fixing is highlighted in red. Try to fix the data field then save the record again

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