Changes to a survey can only be made in Draft status and, if no responses have been received. To change the survey status to draft mode go to the Survey Details Page / Status field and change it to Draft, then click ‘Save’. The survey questions can now be edited.

Survey Status:
Draft: Changes/edits can only be made to the survey in Draft status. Whilst a survey is in Draft mode, no responses / submissions will be allowed, regardless of the Start Date.
Active: When you are ready to publish/accept responses you must set the survey status to ‘Active’. Submissions will be processed on Darzin as long as they are within the defined Start Date & End Date range. If a person tries to submit a response outside of the date range they will receive a message advising the survey is no longer accepting responses. Please note: once the first response is received the Survey is ‘locked’ and you will not be able to return the status to ‘Draft’ to make any changes.
Closed: The closed status is not updated automatically based on the End Date, you will need to manually change the status to closed once you determine the survey process is complete.

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