Within the Survey settings set up 'Details' page/Multiple Responses section, you must check 'Allow responses on behalf of a third party':

Please note: If Allow responses on behalf a third party is checked then, Allow multiple responses from same device is checked by default. This enables a consultant to make multiple responses on behalf of several people.

On the survey submit page a prompt is added 'Are you responding on behalf of a third party?' - if checked 'Yes' then an additional field is displayed 'Submitted on behalf of' where the consultant can detail the applicable third party details:

Please note: the person/organisation detailed in the 'Submitted on behalf of' field is NOT created as a stakeholder in Darzin.
The submitted survey is linked to the Individual (Consultant) who submitted the response.
The survey responses can be viewed from the Stakeholder including the submitted on behalf of information.
The submitted on behalf of information is also displayed on the Manage Responses page in the Survey. 

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