1. Open the Interaction page (assuming you have just entered an interaction. If not, search for the interaction by clicking on the Search engine on the main menu)

2. Under the Interaction details, select the Activity tab. Then click either Link or Add New button then select to link/add new Task. A pop-up will appear for you to add the details.

3. Fill out the action details such as subject, priority level, assigned to and description. Then press OK and the that task will appear under the Activity tab.

4. Optional – If you want to add more details, open the Task you just created and add the rest of the details.
a. Use “Find existing”  to search for existing stakeholder and link
b. Use the Add button  to add a new stakeholder to link to the record

5. Fill out additional fields if relevant:
a. Zone – Select from the dropdown list – This is an additional filter to separate data into sub-projects or different phases of a project development. Only use it when required.
b. About – Only use it to capture information that is not the content of the task, for example your personal note about this task that you do not want to show up on reports.

6. Share – select relevant projects to share the stakeholder if applicable (*only for clients with multiple projects)

7. “Save” the task. The task is now saved on the Task list that is linked to the interaction

8. To send notification email:
a. Open the task
b. Click on the Notification tab on the left-side bar, most fields should be filled out already if notification rule has been set by your Administrator. You can also enter user or stakeholder email address, then click on “Save and Send”

c. A “Success” message appears to indicate that the notification has been emailed to the nominated emails.

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