1. Click on the add Icon "+"

  2. Select complaint

3. Enter the subject/ priority/ method
4. Assign it to a user for them to be notified of the complaint
5. Enter the stakeholder who made the complaint by "finding an existing one" or by typing their name and last name - Once added a pop up window will be prompted asking you if you want to link the properties and organisations//Contact that are related to this stakeholder to this Complaint? Click yes or no
6. you can add properties if relevant to the complaint
7. In the "about" section, you can add in a note relevant to the complaint this will be seen in the record.
8. Add zone if your project is set up in Zones
9. if customs fields have been set up for complaints, fill them out
10. Select your project and or share it across different projects if this complaints applies to another project.
11. Click "save and Open record"

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