Once your ClickSend account has been connected to Darzin, you will be able to use the SMS function to send individual or group text messages.

  1. From the Add menu select SMS

  2. Enter a Subject - this is primarily for you to search for these messages later and how it will display on the Stakeholder's Interactions list. The Subject text will not be included in the message that is sent.

  3. Enter the message - note the character count. If you go over the count, it will count as two messages in terms of how you will be charged by ClickSend.

  4. On the next page select the recipients for the message:
    - Select one or more Contact Groups from your list on the left if this is a message going out to groups of stakeholders.
    - Use the search bar at the bottom of your list of Contact Groups to search for an individual stakeholder. Just start typing their name and Darzin will prompt you with matching stakeholders.

  5. The selected stakeholders will display in the middle panel. 

  6. Choose the option to exclude stakeholders without mobile phone numbers (they will be highlighted so you can easily see which records are missing a phone number)

  7. The next page shows you the message and your final recipient list.

  8. You can choose to schedule a delivery time for your message or choose the option to Send Now.

  9. Click on the green Send SMS button.

  10. Note the delivery status column will show you the status of the message. It will change from pending to sent with a date and time stamp (you may need to refresh your page to see the status change)

  11. Note the little report icon at the top right of the page - click on that icon to get a report of this SMS.

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