We understand that at some point during your project, you may need to make your account available to your clients outside your business to share specific data. However, this can be risky as your account might have sensitive information that’s not fit to be share. This is where the confidentiality Levels setting comes in to let you take control of what users can do or see when accessing your Darzin account.

Watch a quick demo below or read on for text-based instructions.

How to add and utilize Confidentiality Levels

Step 1.

Admin Page >> Confidentiality Levels

Click the '+' button to add confidentiality levels ( we recommend you to start with a maximum of 3 levels)

Head back to the admin page once you have created your confidentiality level(s)

Step 2.

Admin Page >> User & Role Management

Select the 'Role Management' tab as we want to create at least 2 roles that include confidential access as well as a role that does not.

Once you have created the roles successfully, go to the 'User Management' tab to add or edit a current user role appropriately.

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