There are two big changes you will first notice about the search function:

  • The search icon has been removed from the left side vertical menu

  • There is a new "Search Anything" button in the top menu bar (top left) and it will appear on all pages.

  • Next to it is a hyperlink of "Advanced Search" - this is where you can access the old search function to perfom searches using filters, and to export search results to excel.

The new SMART SEARCH function explained:

  • Access this search function from the "Search Anything" box at the top left of all pages.

  • Using this function you can search for anything in Darzin - words that might exist in an interaction or in the about field for a stakeholder for example. You can search using partial information (such as part of an email address).

  • The search results will display in a new left menu and will include all items that meet your search criteria. (Hint - look at the ID field at the top of the search result item to know if it is a stakeholder, interaction, etc. The prefix before the ID will give you a hint eg STK is for Stakeholder, CPT is for complaint, TSK is for Task and INT is for Interaction. SUR is for Survey.

  • The search results will remain on the left as you navigate between records so you can easily have a look at hte records returned in the search results.

  • "Standard search" - is is the search that is run on most fields. In this case the field will search for words and numbers only, symbols are ignored.

  • "Symbol search" - is applied for some relevant fields only (for example document number, subject of interaction, users names and logins, property addresses, mailing address, Organisation, stakeholder contact details).

  • Searching for partial words - the words in the search string must match beginnings of any words in a field. Symbols are ignored. E.g. search string "chic mic" matches following fields:

-- Michael Chicatelli

--Chicago is near Lake Michigan

--Chickens are tasty. Mice are not.

  • Searching for multiple fields: the search looks to match the words in your search query. For example:

Search string "54\22-11 donald" matches

Interaction with the following fields:
- DocumentNo: "54\22-11231"
- Text: "Donald Trump is the US President"

Search string "Thomas allison noise" matches

Complaint with the following fields:
- Properties: "201/24 Thomas St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia"
- Stakeholders: "Allison Hendricks, Matthew Cooney
- Subject: "Excessive construction noise"

Search string "Chatswood darzin" matches

Property with the following fields:
- Name: "Darzin Software"
- Address: "201/24 Thomas St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia"

Search string "michael king los angeles" matches

Stakeholder with the following fields:
- Name: "Michael Jackson"
- About: "King of pop music"
- Address: "Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, CA"

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