Zapier allows you to integrate many popular apps (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) into Darzin by automatically extracting the information you want in your project account. Here are some reason as to why you should use Zapier;

  • Diverse methods of stakeholder engagement

  • Ability to track engagement levels across different channels

  • Gather more interactions from a broader range of stakeholders

Watch the demo of how we implemented Zapier below or keep reading for a text guide.

Visit the Zapier website to log in or create a free account to get started (pay account gives you more Zap/ perks)

How to create a Zap - An automated function

  1. Choose an App & Event (Connect From) - This is where you will choose what application you want to integrate with Darzin and which trigger event you will use to collect data.

Example: Application - Twitter - log in to an account

Event - Search Mention - "Stakeholdermanagement"

After checking the test data Zapier display, press continue.

2. Choose an App & Event (Connect To) - Select Dazin as your integrated application. Select the appropriate event depending on your application in step 1 to set up how you want the data to be represented in your Darzin account.

Log in to your Darzin account (make sure to select the Region your Darzin account is hosted in). Select the Domain & Projects, then Authorize access.

Example: Event - Create Interaction - This will create an interaction from tweets with the mentioned handle "Stakeholdermanagement".

3. Customize Interaction - Match data in the application you're extracting data from to the Darzin data fields. Press continue then press "Test and Continue", and Zapier will send a test data into your Darzin Account.

Example: Our matches from the tweet

Subject matched to "Text"

Communication Date matched to "Created At"

4. Finalizing and Launching Zap - Once you have gone over the test data and are happy with the Zap configuration, make sure to name your Zap. Then turn on your Zap, and that's it!

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