We have made some vast improvements to the Smart Search function. You can now drill right down to the records you are looking for, using intuitive filters without having to always navigate through the advanced search.

The new SMART SEARCH function

  • You can combine multiple keywords into a general search to find specific records in Darzin.

  • You can add as many filters as your wish to find specific information on a topic, all the results associated with the filters you have entered.

  • Your search can be as comprehensive as you want by adding more criteria. Each filter you add acts like an AND filter – so it would be criteria 1 AND criteria 2 AND criteria 3.

Watch the demo video of the SMART SEARCH function in action below or keep reading for a text guide.


If you wanted to see if any complaints had been made on a particular issue, say Construction Noise. You start typing "Complaint" and Darzin will prompt you to see if it is a Complaint record you are after – choose that.

Then start typing in "Construction Impacts" – now Darzin will prompt you to see if you are looking for a complaint with text that has been classified to Construction Impact - select the option for Classification: Construction Impact.

The results will display in reverse date order with the most recent complaint displayed at the top. But you can change this using this additional sort filter. If I add another filter only to find 'Open' Complaints – I type in Open and Darzin prompts me to see if I am looking for a complaint with Status as open or a complaint with 'Open' in the text.

Deep Dive

Want to know more ways to get the most out of your Smart Search? We took a deeper look below with even more examples on just what the function is capable of.

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