Contact Groups is useful to manage your stakeholders and makes it easier to create a contact list to send group emails, or to generate reports group by different contact groups. If you would like to know more about Contact Groups, please click on the button below:

Please read on for step-by-step instructions on how you can set up your own Contact Groups.

Step 1.

Click on 'Admin' button and then select 'Contact Groups' under 'Filters and Rules'.

Step 2.

Select between 'All Projects' or 'This Project' to manage and see your contact groups accordingly.

Step 3.

Click on the 'Add' icon on top-right corner.

Step 4.

Fill in the details for your contact group.

-Parent Contact Group: choose a precious contact group you would like to the new contact group to branch out of

-Contact Group Name: the name for this contact group

-Description: a brief explanation for this contact group

-Share options: choose if you would like to share the contact groups and the sharing details

Click on 'Save'.


You can also 'edit', 'merge' and 'delete' contact groups by the icons on the top-right sector of the window.

After the contact group has been created, you can add stakeholders from ticking the check-box under ‘Contact Groups’ in the 'add new stakeholder' page (You can tick multiple check-boxes to link the stakeholder to multiple contact groups).

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