The Darzin Group Mail function helps you send bulk emails to multiple stakeholders. This is an effective tool to send emails, such as invitations or meeting reminders. Before getting started, you need to have your contact group set up - click on the button below to learn more.

Watch a quick demo below or read on for a text-based guide.

Getting started

1. Click on the Group Mail function on the ADD NEW page.

2. Insert details to set up your Group Mail

  • Name: The Group Mail's name. (This is used for searching purposes)

  • Sender Name: The name of the sender

  • Sender Email Address: The email address of the sender

  • Email Subject: The title of the email

  • Delivery Method: Choose the method - Email/ Mail

  • Sent Date and Time: The date and time you would like this Group Mail to be sent

Click on the icon on the right side of the message box to format your email's message.

Link your attachment on the bottom left once you are satisfied with all the sections on this page. Click Save and Continue on the bottom right to the next page.

3. On the Group Mail Distribution List page, you could select the contact group you would like to send the group mail.

Also, you could add a stakeholder directly from the Stakeholder search box.

Make sure to use the four-button functions to remove illegitimate stakeholders before sending Group Mails.

  • Remove stakeholder without an email address: remove stakeholders whose email address is empty.

  • Remove organisations: select this if you would like not to send an email to an organisation.

  • Remove unsubscribed stakeholders: remove stakeholders who are marked as unsubscribed.

  • Remove inactive stakeholder: remove stakeholders who are marked as inactive.

4. Click Save and Continue to the next page.

You have the option to send the group mail from your Outlook or Sendgrid (3rd party app). You can also export the contact list to excel.

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