Darzin now has a new way to import emails into your account. You can use this tool as a substitute or supplement to our Outlook or Gmail plugins. The new feature allows you to generate a unique address and add it to the BCC section of your email. Once sent, the email will be saved as an interaction in your project. No more having to double-handle saving your emails!

It’s effortless and straightforward so let’s get right into it!

  • Head into the Admin section, and under Settings, select Darzin Plug-ins.

  • You will find the BCC Email Address here. Click Create, and Darzin will generate an address for you.

*Note: The address generated can be reused. However, this address is specific to the user generating it and the project it was generated from. Each user will have to create a separate address for different projects.

  • Once you have your address, click Copy, and then head into Outlook or Gmail.

  • Select the email you wish to save and hit Reply. Paste the link you just copied into the BCC section and send. The email will then be saved into Darzin as an interaction.

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